Calculate and compare tax rates, convert and visualize currencies around the world is a tool which in one place lets you convert multiple currencies, calculate and compare tax rates, visualize and analyze currencies of world countries, with historical trends in a time-series charts

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Tax rates comparison

Side by side comparison of VAT, GST or sales, corporate and income tax rates of world countries, in whatever order on a sortable table. Add and remove countries as you wish.

Compare tax rates

Multiple currency converter

Convert and compare multiple currencies simultaneously, calculate values according to all currencies' exchange rates at once on a sortable table, add or remove currencies from the list

Convert multiple currency

Currencies of the world map

Visualize currencies of the world on a map and compare them by exchange rates' values and historical trends on an interactive map, which includes a wide selection of economic indicators, allowing a broad business insight at the same time

Compare currencies on the world map

Currency conversion & tax calculator

Convert world currencies, with historical trends, find currency on the world map. At the same time, calculate country's VAT, GST or sales, corporate and income tax, with inverse rates calculation feature.

Calculate tax and convert currency

Bringing together currencies, taxes and economic indicators allows you to put currency conversion and tax calculation in a broad business and economic context, allowing you to do both currency conversion and tax calculation at the same time.

Furthermore, this is empowered by adding multiple economic indicators that allow further analysis of a broad business context.

Currency conversion is an inevitable process when doing business in other countries, or even when simply traveling. Any person or organization conducting business is required by law to pay tax to a governmental authority, not just to a domestic, but to a foreign as well, if doing business abroad.
Some countries require that taxes are paid in the domestic currency, making currency conversion inevitable part of taxation.

This tool is useful when doing shopping, travelling, or simply refreshing your general knowledge. You can use tool simply to explore world countries, their currencies, tax regimes. The calculator features can be used do work out tax out of prices, or simply as an percentage calculator.