Convert, calculate and compare multiple currencies at once

With multi-currency converter and calculator you can compare, convert and calculate multiple world currencies in one place, with historical trends included

How to use multiple currencies converter

  • Select currency you prefer by its name or by country name from the lists in alphabetical order.
  • Use controls below the table to automatically assign major world currencies, or to reset the table. There you can also add more currencies to the table.
  • Enter any amount in the form at the top of the table, and that amount will be automatically calculated among all currency pairs across the table.
  • Read the table from the left column to the right, or from the top column to bottom. Cross rates table shows multiple currency pairs and their values and vice versa (multi-currency reverse calculation), which is automatically calculated by entering a value in the form.
  • You can change the order in which the currencies are listed: move them around the table, or remove them. If you want a different approach, you can visualize and compare currencies on the world map.
  • Once you set up your prefered currencies list, your settings will be remebered, however, only on the device you are currently useing. See below for more information
  • You can get extra information about how this tool can be used.

Multiple currency converter

Compare and convert as many currencies as you like; difference is calculated for the previous period rates, so you can analyze currency trends, see whether and how much their value falls or rises. Arrange table in whatever order fits you. Multi-currency converter also allows you to simultaneously do a reverse currency conversion for currencies around the world.

15,120.00 EUR
Euro Remove Down


15,120.00 USD
United States dollar Remove Up Down


15,120.00 HRK
Croatian kuna Remove Up


Add more currencies to the table:
Add currency by name
Add currency by country name
Set major currencies or delete table:
Set major currencies Clear table This service saves selected pairs on your browser's local storage, so you can leave or reload page at any time, same currency pairs will wait for you until you empty browser's local storage.

What are the uses of multi currency converter?

With multi-currency calculator you can quickly see how currency rates against other currencies around the world at once. You can simultaneusly calculate inverse exchange rate for multiple currencies. It also calculates a difference between current and value based on previous historical period exchange rate.

You can change the currencies list, so if you don't use other currencies, you can remove them and calculate only the ones you prefer.

It is very informative and helpful for planning your budget when travelling abroad; you can watch not spend too much. It is also useful when doing shopping, to compare prices; for invoices, manual billing, and even accounting courses.