Compare tax rates by country side by side

This tool lets you simultaneously perform side by side comparison of VAT/GST, corporate tax and income tax rates between multiple countries worldwide

Compare as many countries as you need; analyze their tax rates, arrange them in whatever order you prefer.
Along with sales, corporate and income tax rates, there is also information about whether the country is considered a tax haven (if it appears on broad lists of such categorized countries), as well as country's present currency.

How to use the tax comparison tool

  • Comparative tax rates table is automatically populated with some of the most popular countries and their tax regimes in effect.
  • Select the country you prefer from the list that is given in alphabetical order, with search facility to help you quickly find the desired country.
  • You can change the order in which countries are listed by using the controls below. There you can rearrange countries, move them around the table, or remove them. You can automatically assign major world countries, or reset the table.
  • If you want to calculate tax for a specific country, you can use our inverse tax calculator and currency converter.
  • You can find out more about how this tool can help you.

Tax rates comparison tool

Add more countries to the table:
Add country
VAT/GST/Sales tax
Corporate tax
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Considered a tax haven?
Set default countries or delete table:
Set default countries Clear table This service saves selected countries on your browser's local storage, so you can leave or reload page at any time, same countries will wait for you until you empty browser's local storage.
Source: Wikipedia, World Bank, 2022.

How can tax rates comparison tool help you?

You can quickly compare tax rates in effect in vast number of countries around the world at once, explore and find out any country's tax regime on the fly. It is very informative when used in combination with the world map of currencies.

You can change the countries list to your needs, so if you don't want to see some country's tax rates, you can remove it and list only the ones you prefer. These setting will be stored on your device.

It can be helpful and informative for planning your budget when travelling abroad. It is also useful for manual billing, invoices with different tax rates. It can be handy when studying accounting, or even planning to start your business abroad, when you have to do tax research.